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My LEAP for Vision

I'm fundraising for LEAP Program

I'm fundraising for LEAP Program

I have reached my fundraising goal, thank you so much to everyone that donated. This fundraiser is still going. Donations are still open and are greatly appreciated. Your donations will help the Vision Australia LEAP program even more. 

Please donate to help support my future.

I am participating in Vision Australia’s LEAP (Learn, Engage, Act, Perform) 2021 Program. I am wanting to attend a leadership camp made possible as an additional part of the LEAP program. To do so, I need to fundraise to pay for my entry fees to the camp. Additional funds will be used by Vision Australia to support other students to participate in LEAP.


If you would like to help sponsor me to complete the leadership program, $10 will buy you a price of rocky road as a small thank you for your donation into my future.


This is my mum’s famous rocky road, but I will be purchasing the ingredients and making it. The Rocky Road contains: dairy milk chocolate, shredded coconut, jelly snakes, marshmallows, roasted salted macadamia nuts.


Please contact me after you donate at olifan@outlook.com or 0444506178, to organise your little gift of thanks for playing a big part in my future.



LEAP is the employability and leadership program for young people at Vision Australia. During the program I have been learning important skills to help me to get ready for employment. There are lots of things I will learn during LEAP, some are: understanding my values, how to speak with confidence, how to write a resume, how to submit a job application, and how to have a good job interview.


My next LEAP challenge is THIS fundraiser which is all about making and selling home made rocky road.


Through my fundraiser I hope to be able to attend the leadership camp and raise money to support Vision Australia and the LEAP program.


Thanks so much for your support.

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Wednesday 14th April 00:00 - 23:59
Pullenvale QLD, Australia

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Thank you to my Supporters


Avanell Morawitz


Morawitz Family

We are all very proud of you Oliver 💙


Phyllis Fu

I have a niece who is also vision impaired and reading about your challenges and achievements through your mum have bern such an inspiration! Good luck on the LEAP program.


John And Heather Fanshawe

What a wonderful experience that will be. We are very proud of what you achieve.


Helen Capern


Errol & Estelle Webb

Well done Oliver 💕



You are a truly inspirational and very special young man. It has been a joy watching you grow into the beautiful young man you have become. You now inspire so many young children to reach for the stars!!!



You are an inspiration to us all.




Jocelyn Henry

Well done and a great cause


Kirsty Silk

Happy to support your fundraising Oliver, I’m sure your cooking will be just as good as your mum. All the best. Kirsty


Sean Kendrick


Joyce Perry

I wish you well.


Lyn Grulke

Well done Ollie 💕 my dear friend Bronnie Webb told me how wonderful you are. Best Wishes and keep up the great work. Xxx👍😃❤️


Jo And John Tebble

Go Ollie. Well done. From The Tebble family.


Declan Madden


Bronnie, Andy, Ethan & Riley

All the best with the program Ollie. You're an impressive young man!


Adam Kovacevic


Zac Jones



Hi Ollie, Best of luck with your fundraiser. Enjoy camp, I’m sure it will be lots of fun.


Emily Fanshawe