Lollies in a Box

By Caitlin Hannen-Williams

My Own Vision for Vision

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia


My name is Caitlin Hannen-Williams and I am fundraising for the LEAP program. LEAP is a course where high school students learn about the workforce. 

I am in year 10 at school and I aspire to be an actor when I leave school. I have low vision and would like to support others. 

Please feel free to guess how many lollies are in the box to win. It is $2 per guess and the more you guess, the more chance you have of winning all the lollies. To guess, you will need to press the Donate button and fill in your details. Write your guess in the Message box. The person who guessed the right number, or the closest will win. The box is 30cm by 21cm and 10cm deep it weighs 2652g including the box. 

Entries close on the 30th of June.

Thanks so much for your support.

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Friday 22nd May

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Thank you to my Supporters




Lance Hannen-williams

Go Caitlin!!! I hope I win!


Sandra Hw

We don’t share


Jan Johnston


Tony And Sue


Joadi Wicks

Good luck with your fundraising Caitlin what a great cause


Chad, Malena, Ava Peacock

1. 300 2. 345 3. 615 4. 429 5. 523 6. 489 7. 234 8. 278 9. 367 10. 545 11. 287 12. 357 13. 521 14. 387 15. 298


Anni Barnett

Good for you Caitlin more than happy to help you. Wish it could be more honey xx


Bj And Nanna Whottle

Go Caitlin love you


Chaela Hw



Hi Caitlin! My guesses are: 444, 265, 785, 333, 410 Thanks!


Genevieve Macshane

I guess 235, 252, 217, 303 and 266. Is that how it works? :)


Jessica Patterson

89, 198, 202, 400, 361


Morgan Coppen

Hi Caitlin, Morgan has told me she would like to guess 480, 567, 320, 420, 250. If she wins, she would like to donate her prize to the neighborhood kids : )


Grace Bray


Chaela Hannen-williams