Unimelb RC Seeing Eye Dog Fundraiser

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My Own Vision for Vision

I'm fundraising for Seeing Eye Dogs

Welcome to all DVM Unimelb students! There are many pups, trainers, and people with low vision who are depending on the support of people such as us to see the Seeing Eye Pups through their 2 years of training. It is a pleasure to offer you the opportunity to donate directly to Vision Australia through this page in association with Royal Canin and the University of Melbourne. My plan is to keep you updated throughout the year with news provided to me by Vision Australia so that we can see where our donations are going and what impact they are having!

Remember, raffle tickets are $3 each or $5 for two. If you would like your donation to count towards the raffle please make your online donation on this page using your student email address, and 'Leave a Message' with your year level (eg. DVM1) and I will calculate the number of raffle tickets from your donation amount. Thank you so much for considering donating to Vision Australia as a part of this fundraiser!

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