No Diet Coke for 20 days!

By Ian Finlayson

My Challenge for Vision

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia and Seeing Eye Dogs

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia and Seeing Eye Dogs

October 26th

I am pleased to say that I have now successfully completed my My Vision for Vision Challenge, having survived 20 days without diet coke and more importantly having achieved my goal of raising $1000 for Vision Australia - $1004.

Thanks to all those that supported me. I've proven that an addiction can be overcome and while I will not deny myself the occasionally DC the consumption habit has definitely been broken.

Thanks again, Ian

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Raised over $500

Thank you to my Supporters


Chris Downes

I feel your pain! Well done!


Alcuin Hacker

It’s only a short step from here to making your own kombucha ;-)


Sarah Clark

So my donation is $30 then I did my best cobbling to find a donor to match mine! (Ryan) so here's $60 from us to take you over the $1k mark. Keep going Ian, you're doing amazing. :)


Craig Wallis

Great work Ian. Lots of benefits all round. Good luck. Craig


Nige Mapes

Well done 👍


Mitch Finlayson


Jonathan Knight

Hope this helps your headaches from the withdrawals! Good job for a great cause Ian!


Kika Mccarthy

What a great challenge! This is fantastic Ian. Good luck, it’ll be hard but so worth it!


Anabella Ward

Great effort! They say after 20 days it becomes a habit!


Melanie Mayne-wilson

Good luck Ian - I remember many a discussion on this very topic :)


Michelle Lausen

Good luck Ian (and all those around you! ) A great cause.


Joey Walster

You've got this!


Ramya J

Go, Ian! You can do this!


Fan Yang

I am surprised you have last this long thus far! Sparkling water or Sparkling wine? Let's get that clarified.


Tom Teale-sinclair

I hope you smash your goal.


Sarah-jayne Curry

Wow Ian, wow! If you are willing to give up diet coke I am willing to donate. Let us know if you have any health benefits! Ha




Lynda Inglis

Good on you, Ian. I know this challenge is massive, amazing commitment to VA! Look forward to hearing more.


Rebecca Williams

You’ve got this Ian! From one DC head to another, the battle is real. You are giving me inspiration!