Visual Storytelling for Vision Australia

By Libby Lake

My Own Vision for Vision

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia and Seeing Eye Dogs

I’m fundraising to help give the gifts of freedom and independence to people like me who are blind or have low vision. There is a growing number of Australians living with vision loss. I'm fundraising to support them to live the life they choose.

I was born with a condition called Ocular albinism, it’s one of two types of albinism and it is an inherited condition. Albinism affects the eyes and skin of some people, and only the eyes of others. It results from the body's inability to produce normal amounts of a pigment called melanin. People who have ocular albinism like me are vision impaired. We produce some pigment so our hair and skin are normal or near-normal in colour.

Both the skin and eyes are affected in people with oculocutaneous albinism and can present with varying degrees of pigment. Some have white hair, little or no pigment in their skin, pale coloured eyes and significant vision impairment. Others with more pigment may have red-brown hair, some skin colour, blue or brown eyes and less severe vision impairment.

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Thanks so much for your support!

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Peter Lake

Keep up the great work Lib



Hi Lib, this $200 is from Mum but she wants to be anonomas


Ron Hooton

Hi Libby I am loving your messages, congratulations on a great campaign. Ron


Andrewandjackie Wade

Great work lib! X


Rochelle D

Doing a great job Libby, and a pleasure to donate to such a great cause. Almost there, you can do it! xo


Libby Lake


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Great work Lib!


Nina Staff

Always happy to support you Lib! Thanks for Spreading Awareness


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Love the video.