Jellybeans in a Jar

By Madeleine Sullivan

My Own Vision for Vision

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia

This fundraiser is to raise money for vision Australia so they can continue to support those living with low vision and blindness.

I am participating as part of a program called LEAP, that teaches teens with low vision and blindness, leadership, teamwork and communication skills for when they are looking to enter the workplace.

If you want to (and are in a position to) I would really appreciate the donation as it is going to a good cause.

The objective is to guess as close to the number of jellybeans in the jar. The winner will get to keep the jar with all of the jellybeans inside.

The person who guesses closest to the / the exact number of jellybeans wins.

1 guess per donation.

My fundraising achievements


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Raised over $350

Thank you to my Supporters


Sharon Sullivan

Well done Maddie! Good on you!



What a great initiative and demonstration of leadership best wishes for you for the cause


Toni Martin

Such a great cause Maddy, I wish you well and hope you raise heaps


Kerrie Smyth

Good luck with your goals Maddy


Peter Kyriacou


Dianne Furniss

Well done Maddy!


Tanya Sullivan

Well done Maddy. 1250


Caitlin Boyes

Absolutely Epic


Tara Dunstall

Well done Maddie!


Cate Willis

What a great initiative. Well done Madeleine!


Stephanie Spiller

Way to go Maddie!


Lorraine Watson

Good job Maddie


Anthea Van Leent


John Sullivan



Clair Murray (cggs)

thank you for your vision Madeleine!


Sunny Boyce


Paul Maullin