Spooky 20/20

By Sandra guillemin

My Challenge for Vision

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia

I’m fundraising to help give the gifts of freedom and independence to people who are blind or have low vision.

There is a growing number of Australians living with vision loss. I'm fundraising to support them to live the life they choose.

Please DONATE now to make a secure online donation and secure a brighter future for Australians who are blind or have low vision.

Hi I'm Sandra I am 47 living with Keratoconus, my vision is left eye nothing right eye 6/20! I have faced a lot of fears just from losing vision and overcoming milestones I never thought in my dreams I would.

As a challenge to myself my Brother Fabian asked me to go on his Harley, so why not face my fear while raising money for a great cause!

With my backpack on armed with my cane, I will be riding 20km to so please help 

Thanks so much for your support.

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