A Smile For a Day

By Talaya Close

My Sale for Vision

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia

I’m Talaya Close, I have low vision as a side effect of my brain tumours. I'm participating in a national youth program with Vision Australia that was going to hold a camp for people like me. However, due to COVID-19, this is no longer possible. 

I am fundraising to enable myself and the others involved in the program to meet each other. It would be a first for me as I live in a coastal town with little to no opportunities to meet other people with the same experiences as me.

In these unprecedented times, it's hard for people to stay positive and connected. Now, more than ever it is crucial to support each other. Which is why I have created A Smile For a Day. 

You can choose from three options to make you smile. Each option is personalised and will be in either text, video or drawing form. The cost for each item depends on the time it takes for me to create it. 

Text- $5

Video- $10

Drawing- $20

I hope you can help me by letting me help you smile. Please donate via a secure online payment to help me connect and build friendships with people who know what it's like.

Thanks so much for your support.

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Joe Romeo

Thank you Talaya for warming up our day, you have a lovely way with words and we wish you well. Genuine smiles keep us in a happy place! Cheers, Romeo Family