Tom's 20:20 for Vision

By Tom Teale-Sinclair

My Challenge for Vision

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia and Seeing Eye Dogs

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia and Seeing Eye Dogs

I’m fundraising to help give the gifts of freedom and independence to people who are blind or have low vision.

My challenge is multifaceted.  
Starting with 20 pushups, am going to increase by one per day for 20 days.  So, 40 pushups on day 20.  I'm hoping to be able to to them non-stop... but if I can't, I'll do them in two sets.  We'll see  :)
Also, I'm not going to drink any alcohol or soft drink for 20 days.  
AND...  I'm going to do 20 minutes cardio per day for 20 days.  Since I'm old and unfit, this will be of various forms and will be at an intensity that gets my pulse-rate to 120/minute -  I want to get fitter, not put myself in the Cardiac Ward :) 

There is a growing number of Australians living with vision loss. I'm fundraising to support them to live the life they choose.

Please DONATE now to make a secure online donation and secure a brighter future for Australians who are blind or have low vision.

Thanks so much for your support.

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Thank you to my Supporters


Debbie Hamlyn

You're a great man Tom, good luck :).


Tom Teale-sinclair


Chris Downes

Keep it going Tom!


Ian & Lynne Wing

Good creative challenge


Denise Cheng

Love this challenge! More than happy to support :)


Anabella Ward


Tony Peaker