Bright Shirt Friday 2019

By Scott Taylor

My Event for Vision

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia

I'm fundraising for Vision Australia

Want to liven up your workplace and at the same time do some real good for people who need it?  Bright Shirt Friday is what you need!

Friday needs a lift so wear some outrageously colourful Hawaiian style shirt (or even something eye-catching and perhaps not quite so outlandish!) to work and donate a coin where you see a pooch on a collection box.  We support Vision Australia (VA)  For VA donation details you can ring them on 1300 847466.  Once you’re a registered representative get together with your office or workplace colleagues and send the money you collect to VA and tell them it was from "Bright Shirt Friday"! 

Alternatively, if you're in Grafton, drop a coin into a collection tin where you see them and they'll find their way back to our organisers.

Don't worry, it won't cost you an arm and a leg!  BSF only runs on Fridays from the first "official" day of Spring - September 1st, to the last, 30th of November.  So EVERY FRIDAY IN SPRING see how many people you can "ïmpress" with your floral shirt collection!

Between all of us we should raise some much needed funds for those with vision impairments in our society.  Maybe we will all be able to claim a small part of the bionic eye when one is developed!

Thanks guys!

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Sunday 01st December
Grafton NSW, Australia

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