Featured Fundraisers

Nick's Island Lagoon Expedition

Imagine trekking across endless salt flats in the heat of the Australian desert.  Imagine doing this on your own.  Imagine doing it on your own if you were blind. Nick Gleeson has been living with blindness since he was seven years of age.

Nick navigated across 25 km of inhospitable salt flats carrying all his own supplies and equipment. He spent three days solo trekking and two nights solo camping across Island Lagoon, a salt flat area near Woomera in the South Australian desert. Nick raised $2,945 to support other Australians who are living with blindness or low vision. 

A Doggie Date

Sandy and Amy, dedicated and amazing Seeing Eye Dogs volunteer puppy carers, organised a fundraising movie screening of the Pick of the Litter dogumentary.

Their incredible evening filled with pups and people raised $4,731 to help give the gift of independence to people who are blind or have low vision.

Pick of the litter movie graphic